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New family member

Sometime back, Calvin decided that now that we live in-town, we needed a big dog, one that would intimidate and bark but still have a sweet personality.    I had a client that spends quite a bit of time at a rescue in McDonough named Praying for Paws and I asked her if they had any critters that would fit that description.  She had one in mind in particular that had been at the rescue for over a year but said there were several there that might work.


After talking with Calvin, I decided to make an initial visit alone to see if any of the dogs would work.  Then Calvin could visit later and we would make a determining decision then.  So, I went on down on one of my off days and spent some time playing with a bunch of very needy doggies.  One dog in particular followed me around constantly and sort of decided I was his person.  It was Jigsaw.  After I went back home I kept thinking of him and how sweet he was, leaning on me and laying at my feet when I was petting the other dogs.  Calvin and went back down on the 15th and ended up bringing him home. 

Although I don't normally like to change critters' names, Jigsaw just didn't fit at all.   So his name is now Draco, which is Latin for dragon.  He is a Newfoundland mix, maybe with border collie.  He is very big, especially compared to Ladybug.  We brought Ladybug outside and took them on a walk together.  By the time we got home, they were friends.  The cats, well, the cats are another story altogether.  He thinks they are meant to be chased and does the Fred Flintstone on our hardwood floors every time one is walking away from him.  The cats are slowly getting used to him and not running.  Draco is a very sweet dog that loves to give kisses, and he respects Ladybug, backing down when she growls or barks at him.  He is a quick learner -already figured out that sitting in the kitchen may result in a treat.   Dsc_0200_3

His fur is a little bleached out by the sun, the kennels were outdoors. We think in time his coat will be deep black again instead of black with reddish brown spots. We are looking forward to having him around for a long time.

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I knew that he would make a great match. What a wonderful photo of them together. Thank you for rescuing him!!

Posted by: Michelle | Apr 21, 2008 10:52:46 AM

As another Praying for Paws volunteer who hoped Jigsaw (aka Draco) would find a wonderful forever home, I thank you so much. He looks so content. You and Calvin are special people.

Posted by: Terry | Apr 29, 2008 9:27:09 AM

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