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Trimming painted...

We went by the house this afternoon.  The exterior is painted, including the trim.  The shutters were stained and in the garage.  They look great!


The mudroom has a cool storage bench being built-in. 

We have a larger kitchen than we thought we'd have after seeing the other houses.  Calvin snapped three pics as I looked around in awe and happiness, imagining how I can get EVEN MORE KITCHEN STUFF. heehee.

The kitchen isn't quite right- someone ordered the wrong ones for the back side of the kitchen. The cook-top has a cabinet over it when it is supposed to get a true hood venting outside. The vent is there. There will also be two ovens side by side and a microwave built in above the second oven. The builder already has the correct cabinets re-ordered.

And also, they put up most of the fence.  Ladybug is going to love having a backyard!


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