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Hello there.

well, good afternoon!

I know I haven't been entirely faithful in my posting here, but this blog is about to head in a more personal diary-like direction, so if you have this in your reader and you don't want that, please go ahead and delete my feed.  But I noticed that I have been using a message board thread more like a way of documenting what has been going on in my life and that's what this blog is supposed to do.  So, I'm back!

I hope ya'll that got to attend MME are having a blast!  I had several folks ask me why the heck was I at work then there was a big Mini/MINI event happening... last weekend of the month! that's why.

Speaking of which, I am really pleased with the month of June though, even with a couple of hiccups along the way.  I finished the month at 22.5 MINIs including 7 split deals.   YAY! I had a fantastic week- worked crazy long hours but really had fun.  So, I am sitting here on the sofa relaxing although Calvin really wants to go to the gym.  Last Sunday, we visited with the Hemings and spent several houses with Jessica and an agent looking at houses in East Atlanta and East Point areas.  I am so ready to move!  We mentioned that we thought about renting to help sell out loft and Jessica suggested a house across the street from theirs but that isn't going to work out since the house is in major need of repairs after the drug dealers where finally evicted.  So, we are still trying to figure out what to do. 

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