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I have been asked several times what exactly it was that triggered the purchase of Iggy.  I can understand the question seeing as I have waited this long already, why not go ahead and wait for the turbo cabrio?  Well, it is all a matter of timing I suppose.  Earlier today I paid our monthly bills and we are now out of credit card debt.  I know that may not seem like a big deal to most but for us, its a goal we’ve been working towards for awhile now. And a Hot Orange MCSC seems like a great way to celebrate that feat.  Also, Hot Orange will be discontinued, being replaced on the Convertibles by Mellow Yellow.  Mellow Yellow is a really fantastic color but Hot Orange has had  my eye since MINIUSA sent Jeff Stracco to Dragon Weekend 2004 with a pre-production Hot Orange Cooper Cabrio.  Mamarrazzi reminded me with the photos in this post.  What other color could have tempted me to neglect my club duties at the Welcome Dinner that year in favor of a quick Dragon run? Ok, perhaps it was more the fact it was a cabrio but the color had to have had a large part in stealing me away.

Obviously, the differences between a 2002 hardtop Cooper and a 2006 convertible Cooper S are numerous.  But it seems to be the little things that keep getting me.  For instance, on Stella, the clock was up top, and on Iggy, its on the speedometer.  Yeah, I couldn’t begin to count how many times I’ve looked up to see the time only to realize oh, yeah, its down there instead.  Another thing is the auto-up I had on Stella.  I have got to get one for Iggy since I forgot to take it off Stella when I traded her and she is long gone. 

I have to admit, the best difference so far is a tie between dropping the top in the middle of February with temps in the 60s and having that extra 53 horsepower.  Not that Stella was underpowered.  Nope, I knew exactly how to get the power I needed by dropping a gear and hitting the throttle full on.  With Iggy, I don’t have to do that.  I don’t have to time my passing on the freeway and boy is it taking me by surprise when I do floor it. Another big difference is MODS.  I have alot of research to do for sure, but I already have the M7 USS (gift from Bean v.3.0) and a Miltek exhaust is on the way.  This is definitely going to be alot of fun. 

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