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MTTS: Memphis to Nashville

I'm heading up to Memphis today with maybe 10 other AtlantaMINI members for the Memphis to Nashville leg of the MINI Takes The States.  Right now I'm sitting at Sky carwash in Alpharetta getting Stella cleaned up since it rained all day on my off day this week (Thursday) and the detail shop at work was too busy for me to squeeze her in there. I didn't even begin to pack until last night, and I hope I have everything I need.  I thought I wouldn't be able to charge my camera battery and that would mean no pictures but I found it at the last minute as I was heading out the door, so YAY! Pictures will be forthcoming, but not until I get home Tuesday night.

and now it looks like rain... !!!

When I leave here, I'm heading to Douglasville where I'll meet up with the other MINIS, then we'll head to Memphis going through Birmingham, Alabama and then up Hwy 78.  We'll be going within a couple of miles of where I used to live with my sister but since I'm in a caravan of MINIS I'm not planning to swing by and see how her old house is doing.  Although I will admit I am more than a little curious.

Today, I'm not really sure what our plans are- meeitng up in Memphis and checking in at a couple of MINI related spots.  We are staying at the Comfort Inn tonight, and then tomorrow heading over to Nashville with everyone else that'll be up there. We are booked at the Guesthouse Inn for Nashville, and I am planning to get up very early Tueaday morning to be back at work in Union City, GA at noon.

I think we're going to have a blast and I think MINIUSA is pretty awesome for doing this!    

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Say Cheese!

Did you know that MINIs need godparents?  Its true.  I happen to be godmother to one of the coolest MINIs out there.  I followed his production from being just a figment of an order until the day he was driven off the truck...

...to getting 'Beaned'...

...getting tanked for the first time...

all the way through the Craptastic JCW additions at the dealership and the final detail...

all the while keeping a watchful eye and making sure he was treated with the best care.  His name is Mean Mr. Bean and he has his own website much like this one is dedicated to my MINI, Stella.  Check it out here at MeanMrBean.com.  Bean has many personalities- there's SpongeBob Bean, Jelly Belly Bean, Chiquita Bean, Michigan Bean, Ernie Bean... you get the picture.  Speaking of pictures, Bean's mom is one of the most talented photographers I know.  Most of her work is on MeanMrBean.com, but she has recently opened a store to make her work available to those interested in purchasing.  Check it out on PhotoReflect. You'll see more than one picture of Stella on there- she has a little crush on Bean despite the obvious difference in... um, passengers. 

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Lots and lots of gas

I have a 90 mile commute right now, which means I am at the gas pump filling up every 4 days or so.  Throw in a few roadtrips here and there, and suddenly I'm spending quite a bit on gas these days.  So, I try to schedule my stops  for when I can swing by Costco and save a few pennies.  The other night, I ended up running late and wasn't sure if I'd make there in time since I left work about a half hour late- meaning 8:30pm.  Costco turns off the pumps at 9pm, and I pulled up to the pump at exactly 8:56pm.  There were about 4 other cars there, including the rather large SUV on the other side of the island from me.  He walked around his vehicle as I was getting out of Stella, and he got this interesting smirk on his face as he very blatantly looked her over.  Not a smile- it was this weird look I couldn't place at first then realized it was one of the "I can't believe you drive that" looks I get ever so often.  Of course, I paid him no mind as I proceeded to get some good ole premium fuel for an oh-so-thirsty Stella.  Then he had the nerve to ask me how on earth I could drive a "deathtrap like the MINI".  Seriously, that is what he said to me.  Um, hello- can you not tell that I obviously love my car?  I just looked at him and laughed as I shook my head.  I didn't bother to respond as right then the gas pump clicked off, and it has been my experience that when someone makes such a statement there is no point in trying to explain how wrong they are in their assumptions.  But here's what really made me laugh- he was busy pumping his gas as I pulled up, got out of my MINI, ran my credit card, pumped a full 12+ gallons, got my receipt, and then drove away.  Hmmm, I wonder how much gas he had to get for the week.  I'll stick with my little 'deathtrap', dude.*

*Obviously, I DO NOT think that the MINI is in any way, shape, or form a "deathtrap."  And I'm so amazed that anyone would.  I guess only the uneducated among us would ever say such a thing about the safest small car on the roads. 

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Dragon Webcam

Looks like the folks from the Crossroads of Time at the Tail of the Dragon have installed a webcam... take a look on their homepage. The link to it is on the right hand side, about a page down.  Thanks to advance warning from queenB, I was able to capture HotelCalif as he drove through on his way towards home.  It seems to be updating every 3 minutes right now.  It'll be fun to see how many shots I can get of MINIs passing through.  I went ahead and started a photo album dedicated to that purpose. 

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