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christmas has come and gone, and not one person gave me a mini related gift. guess my family is trying to not encourage me or something. my husband bought me a pottery wheel so he is off the hook. :) I did ask for that or a set of racing rims, he said it was just a matter of doing the math. I think he would rather have me safe and sound out on the balcony throwing pots than burning rubber in some parking lot with other cars racing around. heehee, what he doesn't know is that as soon as I use up these runflats, some decent tires are going on Stella. Can't have a girl in boring shoes, now can we? :) Stella is getting an upgraded sway bar for xmas but probably not until the spring. its actually just going to be the stock sway bar off of another mini. that way I can stay in stock autox class. at least that is what I have been told so far, will have to do some more serious checking before going through all that trouble. I have got to get some motoring in soon. When I took my grandmother home I had to drive the Escape (she had too much stuff) and it is so frustrating to be driving curvy roads and have to be one of those slow SUVs. LOL perhaps I will head up to the mountains tomorrow for a day all to me and Stella. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)

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No mini gifts? What can you get a girl who has everything? *smile*

Posted by: Big Sis | Mar 19, 2004 2:26:41 AM

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