In with the new, welcome 2010

A new decade.  I just saw a Home Depot commercial that said "out with the old, in with the new."  I know its cheesy and over done, but there is a reason it's still said.  Time to get things done and stop procrastinating so much.  Here is a list of things I want to do or accomplish in 2010, some of them boring, some of them not as boring, some are resolutions and some are just events or things that have been needing to be completed.  I tried to include plans or thoughts on how to actually accomplish these goals.  I think that writing down goals and sharing them helps motivate to finish, or at least attempt to complete (even if no one is reading this old blog anymore). I also plan to revisit the list the beginning of each month and update where I am and what I've done.  Maybe I'll actually do it more often, but at least once a month is my goal right now.

  1. call my Grannie more.  Like once a week.  Sundays and Fridays are looking good...
  2. set and stick to a budget, getting our finances back on track.  Calvin is already working on this, setting us up budget software and syncing to our phones.. 
  3. This is one everyone seems to say, but I do need to do it- exercise, starting off once or twice a week and building up to 30 minutes everyday: time to break out the Wii Fit again!  Taking the dogs on actual walks instead of just letting them into the backyard would also work.  Yes, I know how lazy that is...
  4. cook better meals at home:  This may actually happen because we are trying much harder to feed Roman better than we typically feed ourselves.  I already signed us up for organic produce delivery every other week from Nature's Garden Delivered.  I am really excited to see how it works out and there will be no excuse for not eating fresh fruit and veggies. I also have a some menu sheets for my work planner to help stay on top of this.
  5. Take my lunch to work everyday.  At least 4 times a week.  This kind of goes hand in hand with #5 & #2.
  6. write in one of my blogs everyday:  I don't have a good plan yet on this but I need the creative outlet.  A good start is making typepad my homepage.
  7. crochet everyone on our xmas list a stocking:  the past two years have been really lean and I would like to do something more personal to make up for it.
  8. continue with the girls poker night: this one should be easy. :)
  9. date night for me and Calvin at least once a month:  Ok, this is harder, believe it or not.  We do have someone ready to babysit although we really hate to ask.  We need to do this though.
  10. We need get our front yard in better shape including the falling down fence and clear out the brush.  Plant a tree in honor of my Princess kitty we lost this past November, thinking dogwood.  I miss my old lady kitty.  The backyard is in dire need of attention as well, but first things first.
  11. finish the cleaning Calvin & Goon started in our garage, including pegboard to organize our tools and poster frames to decorate with my many MINI posters:
  12. Also finish the organizing Goon started for us in our basement.
  13. SuperBowlPartyIII- already getting my menu planned- homemade chili with all the fixins, sausage balls, those little bbq wieners, punch, beer, brownies, hmmmmm
  14. visit Calvin's family in March.
  15. finish decorating our bedroom after living here for 2 years. 
  16. completely empty and organize our closet
  17. paint and furnish Roman's playroom and bath
  18. decorate guest room including curtains
  19. paint Roman's bathroom
  20. set up and USE our fireplace:  I really, really want to do this.
  21. take more photos and videos.  I've already started working on this, just need to keep it up.
  22. watch less tv and read more books.   
  23. stick to Weight Watchers and lose 25-30 lbs: I have moved the mobile app on my phone to where it is very visible and started using it again before I eat anything.  A good start to finish up 2009.
  24. hang the chandelier I bought for the loft and never used.  I think it would be nice to hang over the tub.  Its a candle chandelier and I really like it.
  25. install the blik graphics I bought for the upstairs hall.  
  26. Pass the finance training for work.  Only 3 more classes. 
  27. Keep some goodies on hand, the guest room ready, and the downstairs clean enough for visitor.  We have really enjoyed entertaining and would like to not have to say "I'm sorry but no, you can't come over/in" because we aren't prepared.  We are off to a decent start- the guest room is always closed off from critters and clean.
  28. Get into better housecleaning habits.  Pretty simple.. but no plan yet.
  29. Plan some playdates for Roman with friends that have childen close in age.  Haven't done this yet, but I think it would be a good idea and plan to in 2010.
  30. Go to the park more often, use our passes to the zoo and aquarium, find more inexpensive family trips/events that we can all enjoy. 

The list may grow, or get altered, but I am glad to have 30 items to get me started for 2010.  I've never written down any resolutions before, so we'll see if this actually works or not.

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Great list! A lot of these tips would help me to my blog/site. Thanks. :-)

Deirdre G

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